equipment leasing financing


Find specialized factoring brokerage services for companies in the transportation industry

Acquire needed capital equipment

equipment_leasing As an owner of a for-hire carrier, you need the right equipment to run your business. However, you must make sure you have enough cash flow for the debt you’ll take on to lease or buy and register this capital equipment. You’ll benefit from our services that make it easy to get the equipment you need and maintain sufficient cash flow. Let AIM Global Financial, LLC provide you with custom financial packages for leasing and buying your necessary equipment. We also offer a service guarantee!

With the help of our investment bank in New York City, we can offer you competitive rates and terms you can work with.

Benefit from our transportation division

Let us not only help you finance your equipment, but also transport it to your desired destination! You can team up with our transportation division that offers a joint proposal to finance and transport any equipment you might need. Turn to our team for all your equipment purchasing and leasing needs, including heavy-duty oil field rigs, copy machines, and more! By partnering with us, you’ll get a competitive edge from our expertise in the industry. Our family of companies was started in 2009 by Angelica Garcia-Dunn and was named AIM Over-The-Road LLC. Since then, our president and owner has accumulated over 8 years of experience in the transportation and freight industry and founded our family of companies! Get in touch with our authorized and certified business to find out how we can meet your company’s needs today.